Casino Saga published the interview with the latest Mega Fortune winner

Casino Saga takes great pride in being one of the online casinos that offer the entire spectrum sagalogoof slot machines produced by Net Entertainment.

The software developer from Sweden is famous for its nice assortment of progressive jackpot games and is the proud owner of multiple records.

Since its inception, many players want millions of dollars and online casinos usually spread the news and highlight the success of their members.

Mega Fortune is after all these years one of the best paying games in the industry and even when the jackpot is won, it is immediately reset at €1 million.

That’s why only those who win several times more actually make the news and Casino Saga can brag about having such a big time winner. Whenever someone hits the winning combination and gets rich overnight, the story is picked up by news agencies and features in press releases.


The Scandinavian player who won €8.5 million in late November decided to stay away from the spotlight, but we still called a glance at his success story. It all started with a couple of free spins and the interest for progressive jackpot games grew quickly and the player moved on to real money wagering.

A bet of €1.50 was the one responsible for the beep win and a couple of seconds later, Alexander from Stockholm was the most recent millionaire.

The 30 years old player converted a single digit amount into more than €8.5 million and emerged as one of the biggest winners in the history of Mega Fortune jackpots. The interview released by the online casino doesn’t reveal a great deal about the winner, in an attempt at protecting his privacy.

What we know is that he was totally speechless and it took the winner a while until he realized the good fortune and share the news with his wife.

As always, the winners have plans and know exactly what to do with a tiny part of the money, but there are many lingering doubts about long-term prospects. After the acquisition of a new car, potentially the upgrade to a new house and a luxurious vacation around the world, they will need to decide what to do with all these cash.

Luckily for Alexander, time is on his side and now that he entered the Guinness world record for the highest ever jackpot won on Mega Fortune Touch, things will take a turn for the better.

Online casino players who happen to win a fortune playing slot machines usually return to their hobby and keep playing the game. Obviously, they don’t expect to strike it rich twice and it is no longer about money, but the sheer pleasure of playing a great game.

The Swedish winner will probably do the same and with the collection of Net Entertainment games on the rise, it is likely for him to check out other games in addition to Mega Fortune.