Maria Casino’s Spin Me app gets an upgrade

Maria Casino has always tried to stay one step ahead of the game and it so by introducing new logo-maria-casinoproduct, while updating existing ones.

The revolution in online gambling was started by the mobile devices, which are now routinely used by those who play casino games over the Internet.

It is time to kick this revolution into overdrive, with new updates and upgrades, in order to differentiate themselves from other casinos.

One of the most successful products at least when it comes to serving those who prefer to gamble exclusively on mobile gadgets was the Spin Me app.

Immediately after the app was launched, the number of players increased steeply and this trend has continued unabated for many months.

More games were added and access to all the available titles was greatly simplified, which resulted in a growing interest for casino games.
Now it is time for this application to be updated and the online casino has done its due diligence, to meet even the highest standards.

Throughout the weekend, players can collect free tokens and when they make a deposit, they will be eligible for various freebies. The app can be downloaded for free on both android and iOS powered devices, so regardless of your gadget of choice, it will be available.


The Maria Spin Me app is after all these months still on the best out there and an amazing integrator for those who want to play different genres on their mobile phones. A hotspot for entertainment, it is user-friendly and requires no previous experience, so beginners will feel right at home.

The gaming experience has also been improved and instead of moving up the ladder in the conventional way, players will feel like being a part of a great adventure.
Everyone starts by collecting tokens which can be redeemed for trophies at a different rate, so the more time you spend, the better the rewards.

The first to be secured are the bronze trophies, followed in a quick sequence by silver, gold and platinum trophies. Obviously, one would need significantly more tokens to claim the latter, while a Bronze Trophy can be claimed by turning in no more than two tokens.
Initially, the app was only available in a handful of European countries, but the necessary amendments were made in order to allow more players access to it.

The vast majority of the users still reside in Finland, Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom, the first countries where it was launched. By simply downloading the application, players will receive five free tokens, so they can start on the right foot and unlock the first trophies immediately.

More tokens are collected by depositing €10 in the application and those who feel comfortable making a bigger investment will unlock more tokens immediately. Customer support is friendly, professional and always available, so feel free to ask them any questions regarding this new promotion. They can also provide information about the latest updates to the Maria Spin Me app and the new benefits.